Our Environment

Our Commitment to the Environment

ourenviro1Here at Beersheba we realise we are blessed to live in a naturally beautiful region and we are committed to ensuring that this environment remains pristine not only for ourselves but also our children’s children.

Beersheba is reducing our energy demand by:

  • growing our own and buying local produce where possible to help reduce transport emissions.
  • offering a towel and linen change option which ensures our guests are helping reduce energy and water use.

Beersheba is reducing waste by;

  • giving guests the opportunity to recycle their rubbish, as all organic waste is used for composting, used in our worm farm or to feed our hens.
  • monitoring and recycling waste glass.

Beersheba is conserving water by;

  • ourenviro2collecting and using rainwater which reduces the demand on local groundwater supplies.
  • installing dual flush toilets.

Beersheba is supporting wildlife conservations and the regenerating of native forests by;

  • continuing to plant native trees and shrubs on our property that will encourage bird life to visit and feed.
  • donating to the Bluff Hill/Motupohue Environment Trust that is trapping predators on Bluff Hill that are reducing the native bird population.

Beersheba understands that we are part of a local community by;

  • donating accommodation as part of fundraising for appropriate local causes.