Art at Beersheba


An award-winning local glass artist, Phil was commissioned to design and build the beautifully stained glass doors at the front entrance to Beersheba.

He uses his vision and creativity to transform glass into something unique and impressive.

From homeware to large sculpture. His works have been taken by buyers to the far corners of the world.

A lot of his early work was mainly in stained glass but now he has progressed to glass paintings and large glass sculptures.


For Rae, who painted the two pieces in the foyer, art is about painting her passion for the outdoor environment. Dark lush colours with golden highlights bring out the beauty of New Zealand’s native flora and fauna.

Her works in the foyer feature native flax in flower which reminds us of spring back on our farm when the flowers would herald the summer to come.


Rebecca was born in Invercargill and raised in Otatara surrounded by native bush, birds and the artistic influences of her father an art teacher.

Although educated in Zoology and Botany her love of art led her to start painting in 2001. She since has had several successful exhibitions and has work in public and private collections all over the world.

Paintings award-winning take her anywhere from 100-150 hours to produce and she usually completes approximately 12 per year.

We have three of her limited edition prints in “The Cottage” which feature native birds that frequent our property.


Our daughter Sarah currently lives in Invercargill. She is a trained graphic artist who designed the logo for Beersheba and enjoys painting in acrylic in between raising a family and work.

She has had work selected for Craig’s Young Artist of the Year exhibition.

The work shown is called “The River” painted in 2004.